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Huge anti-government protests in Thailand.

Image Credit: Twitter

On Saturday, more than a thousand people headed to the streets of Bangkok to protest against the country’s failure to contain the coronavirus outbreaks and its impact on the economy.

The protesters went to the government house which is the house of the Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, and are demanding him to resign for his failures.

Image Credit: Reuters

The police sealed a road close to the victory monument and are pushing the protestors back using rubber bullets and tear gas. Hundreds of riot police fully armed with the required gear were seen close to where the protestors were.

Protests against the government mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak and economy has been held in recent weeks by several groups.

The country reported nesrly 22,000 new cases and 212 deaths on Saturday. The death toll is a record high. So far, the country reported 736,522 total cases and 6,066 deaths since the pandemic began.

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