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Several people dead after US helicopter opens fire in Kabul.

Image Credit: Reuters

According to Afghan agency Pazhwok, hours ago a US helicopter opened fire in the Deh-Sabz district of Kabul, Afghanistan killing three people and wounding ten.

Not much is known so far, but this comes amid a huge evacuation of foreign troops and citizens. Kabul fell into chaos after a lot of Afghani civilians headed to the airport to escape Taliban managed Afghanistan. Many civilians desperately went into the airstrip with everything they have in an attempt to get into one of the foreign planes. Unfortunately, this chaos is resulting in huge problems for planes to land or leave. It looks like the Taliban are helping foreign troops and civilians to leave. Some countries like Sweden, evacuated their diplomats during the night to avoid the confusion. They did not even inform the Afghani workers they worked with for several years. Netherlands also did the same.

More information regarding the US helicopter accident will be shared later on as we obtain reliable information.

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