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Afghan Nation Resistance recapture Andarab from the Taliban.

Image Credit: AFP

In Baglan Province in Afghanistan, the Afghan National Resistance which groups in Panjshir valley, managed to recapture Andarab from the Taliban. This comes amid a successful Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and complete withdrawal of NATO’s forces. Despite this, resistance fighters are still continuing their fight against the Taliban.

There also have been reports of clashes occurring in Puli Khumri which is under Taliban control. This is also in Baglan province. Recently Taliban announced that it had surrounded Panjshir valley and demanded them to surrender. This recent victory for the resistance shows that despite Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and new western-made military equipment, they are still facing stiff resistance from the anti-Taliban fighters.

Around 350 Taliban fighters lost their lives in the fighting against the Afghan resistance as of Wednesday morning.

More details to follow.

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