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Royal Navy HMS Queen Elizabeth back in South China Sea.

Image Credit: Twitter account GEOINT

The United Kingdom flagship aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is back in South China Sea as satellite images revealed that it entered through the Bashi strait.

Recently the Royal Navy’s flagship aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth along with its support ships which form part of the carrier strike group (CSG21) conducted complex maritime interactions with Japanese, Indian, South Korean Philippines navy during its 28-week deployment. The CSG21 transited the South China Sea as an act of defiance against China’s aggressive claims of the Sea. While touring the region it did several stops in South Korea, Philippines, India, Guam and Japan and conducted maritime drills.

Just 5 days ago, the CSG21 conducted maritime exercises with Royal New Zealand navy as part of its 28-week deployment. Last weekend the CSG21 was part of a huge armada of 17 warships from six countries that conducted a huge military exercise. Along with the Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, one Japanese and two US aircraft carriers joined the exercise- JS Ise, USS Ronald Reagan USS Carl Vinson.

We have no information yet about its next destination. More details to follow.

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