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Cyberattack on Israeli hospitals thwarted.

Hilal Medical Center on the day of attack on October 14th. Image Credit: courtesy of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center.

Earlier today, the National Cyber Directorate and Health Ministry said that a number of cyberattacks on Israeli hospitals and health centres were thwarted over the weekend.

Early assessments and a quick response from the directorate and staff on the ground halted the attempts and no damage was caused.

Joint statement by National Cyber Directorate and Health Ministry.

The origin of the attempted attacks have not yet been identified, but some believe that it was carried out by Iran. Both countries have been in a long shadow war, attacking each other through cyberattack.

The attempted attacks came a week after a cyberattack on Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera which have crippled the whole system. It has been estimated that it will take a month to recover. The cyberattack forced the medical centwr to cancel non-urgent procedures, but most of the hospital is still operating using a combination of a different IT system and old style pen and paper.

Last week, Microsoft announced that it identified a group of Iranian hackers behind the Hillel Yaffe cyber attack. Cyberattacks on Israel infrastructure have been on the rise. It has been estimated that one in every 60 Israeli organizations or firms are targeted every week with cyberattacks. It is a 30% increase over the rate of attack in 2020.

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