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Brazilian President rushed to hospital.

Image Credit: Twitter

The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been rushed to the hospital due to an intestinal blockage but is believed to be in stable condition. The Brazilian President tweeted that doctors might conduct a surgery on his intestine. He also said that he was using a nasogastric tube.

The Brazilian President felt unwell on Sunday afternoon after lunch in the southern state of Santa Catarina where he was vacationing. He was seen walking down the steps of the presidential plane in Sao Paolo airport at about 1.30am local time. He was admitted to Vila Nova Star Hospital at about 3am local time. Soon afterwards the Vila Nova Star hospital issued a medical note regarding his health.

He is in stable condition, undergoing treatment and will be re-evaluated this morning by Dr Antonio Luiz de Vasconcellos Macedo’s team. At the moment, there is no forecast for him being discharged.

Vila Nova Star hospital.

Last year, the Brazilian President also had to be rushed to hospital due to another intestinal blockage which seems to have occurred after developing chronic hiccups. The controversial President widely known for dismissing the pandemic as none other than the simple flu was stabbed during his Presidential campaign back in September 2018. This is the second hospitalization for the Brazilian President since the stabbing attack.

More details to follow.

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