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Chinese commercial plane crashes with 132 people on board.

Image Credit: Twitter Account Daughter of Isiolo

CCTV reported that a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 carrying 132 people has crashed in Guangxi province, China. The plane has crashed in a mountainous region, and resulted in a huge fire in the woods.

Rescue operations are ongoing. The number of casualties is still unknown. The plane with Flight number MU5735 was scheduled to leave Kunming at 13:15 local time (05:15 GMT) and was en route to Guangzhou, China. The plane was in the air for an hour before it crashed into the mountain. It is not yet clear what caused the plane to crash.

It has been revealed that Guangzhou airport was preparing for an emergency landing and cleared all its runways and airspace below 2850 metres. Unfortunately, the plane never showed up and was not responding to any radio contact. Last communication with the plane was over Wuzhou.

Update: All people died. The plane seem to have nosedived into the mountain.

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