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USS Abraham Lincoln in the Philippines.

Image Credit: Twitter Account Dvidshub

The US Nimitz- class aircraft carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) arrived in the Philippines last Friday from San Diego, California. It left its port in California last January 23rd. It traveled 24,000 miles and performed a total of 15 replenishments at sea since. The United States sent its aircraft carrier to show its commitment to build a ‘strong military and people-to-people alliance’ with the Philippines. Of the 3,000 crew, 10% are Filipinos. The aircraft carrier can carry 80 fighter jets, which be deployed in all conditions day and night.

USS Abraham Lincoln’s first deployment to the Philippines was back on June 15, 1991 when Mount Pinatubo in Pampanga erupted and 45,000 people were evacuated thanks to the US carrier from Subic Naval Station to the Port of Cebu.

The US aircraft carrier will conduct a series of military exercises with the Philippines military this week. The 12-day exercises will be conducted near the Luzon Islands. Around 9,000 American and Filipino soldiers will participate in the exercise.

These exercises showcase the teamwork and integration between the Navy, the marine corps, our allies and partners in the Asia Pacific. Our presence and engagements demonstrate our commitment to the region as we continue to protect our collective interest, enhance our security and safeguard our shared values

Rear Admiral Jeffrey Anderson, commander of the carrier’s Strike Group 3

The US Navy aims to create a ‘global deterrent presence’ with other nations in the region to bring a balance in the firepower in the region due to the rising threat posed by China which claims sovereignty over most of the South China Sea. China continued fortifying artificial Islands in the region to bolster its claims.

More details to follow.

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