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Mass shooting in Brooklyn, New York.

Image Credit: YWN reporter

Moments ago eleven people have been reportedly injured in a mass shooting or explosion at the 36th Street station, Subset Park subway station in Brooklyn, New York. The attack occured around 8:30am.

There are unconfirmed reports that two suspects reportedly opened fire on a group of people and than fled, but there are other reports that an explosion took place. The suspects were wearing gas masks. The The NYPD is currently investigating.

Image Credit: Twitter account @terroralarm

They released a statement on Twitter advising people to avoid the area.

ADVISORY: Due to an investigation, avoid the area of 36th Street and 4th Avenue area in Brooklyn. Expect emergency vehicles and delays in the surrounding area.

Twitter Account @NYPD

Update: Suspects threw smoke grenade before opening fire. Two in critical condition. It is nost likely a terrorist attack.


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