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Two people killed in a gas explosion in an Abu Dhabi restaurant.

Image Credit: thenationalnews.

Yesterday afternoon at 1pm, a gas cylinder explosion in an unnamed restaurant in Abu Dhabi, capital of United Arab Emirates claimed two lives and injured 120 others. The explosion set off a massive fire that destroyed the facade of six other buildings and also a number of stores before the firefighters were able to bring the fire under control.

The people in the damaged buildings were safely evacuated. Authorities are attempting to find temporary housing for these people.

A witness reported to the National newspaper that there were two explosions. Soon after the first and small explosion people started calling the police and firefighters. Than soon afterwards a big explosion came. The witness reported that all the windows shook and in some offices the windows were shattered.

The United Arab Emirates is embroiled in a war against the Houthis in Yemen in support of the Saudi-led alliance. The latter are attempting to oust the Houthis and restore Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi back in power after he was ousted by the Houthis in 2015.

Investigators said that there is no foul play and believe that it was an accident. More details to follow.

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