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Huge explosion in a natural gas plant in Oklahoma.

Image Credit: WTVC Channel (1st), Newswire (2nd and 3rd).

A huge explosion struck the Medford ONEOK natural gas plant of Oklahoma. The gas plant located 20 miles north of Enid, south of Medford was engulfed in flames after the explosion. Authorities have quickly evacuated a number of homes, but now GSCO is demanding that all residents living south of Main street to evacuate immediately. Some roads were also closed.

Firefighters are at the scene battling the huge fire. The manager of communications of ONEOK later released a statement.

Earlier today there was an incident at ONEOK’s Medford natural gas liquids fractionation facility. All ONEOK personnel are accounted for, and we are unaware of any injuries at this time. We are cooperating with local emergency responders and appreciate their quick response. Our focus continues working with emergency responders to extinguish the fire and the safety of the surrounding community and our employees.

ONEOK statement.

This is a developing story.

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