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Pablo Mari undergone successful back surgery.

Image Credit: EPSNFC

Today, the Arsenal defender Pablo Mari has successfully undergone back surgery, a day after a horrifying stabbing attack in a mall in Milan which led to the death of an employee. The Italian team Monza released a statement regarding his surgery.

The specialists of the general surgery-trauma team at the Niguarda hospital in Milan performed surgery this morning to reconstruct the two injured muscles in Pablo Marí’s back. The surgery went well and hospitalization is expected for two or three days.

Statement released by the Italian team Monza.

The team said that Mari is expected to rest for a minimum of two months before playing again. The player shared with the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport the moment of the attack.

I was with the little car with my son inside and I felt excruciating pain in my back. Then that man stabbed another in the throat. I was lucky, because I saw a person die in front of me

Pablo Mari

More details to follow.

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