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Russian spy ship detected West of Greece

Image Credit: Tiaferris10

Open source intelligence analysts have revealed that the Russian Spy ship Akademik Pashin has been detected in the Ionian Sea, West of Greece. The Russian spy ship left Tartus, Syria last Friday, 16th December. The ship was than detected South of Greece, yesterday 19th December. It is not yet known where the Russian spy ship will move, but will most likely move further up into the Adriatic Sea.

The Russian ship was last seen in this area last September when it was supporting the Russian destroyer Admiral Tributs. The ship is a replenishment tanker and its role is as a replenishment oiler, carrying oil, diesel, fuel, aviation kerosene, lubricating oil, water, food and spare parts. It has also been associated with intelligence operations. It has been spotted loitering near the French coast last May.

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