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Brazil sinks its only aircraft carrier.

Image Credit: Brazilian navy/AFP/Getty Images

The Brazilian Navy sank its only aircraft carrier, the Clemenceau-class NAE Sao Paulo (A12) on February 3rd, 2023 in international waters in the Atlantic Ocean. The former French aircraft carrier was sunk despite being considered as an environmental hazard. It was known to be filled with toxic materials such as asbestos and heavy metals.

The aircraft carrier was built in the 1950s in France and sailed around the World as the Foch for 37 years. It took part in France’s first nuclear tests in the Pacific Ocean back in the 1960s. Eventually the carrier was sold to Brazil in 2000 for $12 million. Five years later a huge fire broke out on the carrier speeding its decline.

The carrier was sunk around 350km off the Brazilian coast in the Atlantic Ocean in a location where the sea depth is approximately 5km. The decision to sink the ship comes after the 60-year old aircraft carrier did not find any port willing to hold it. The NGO Shipbreaking Platform, which is a coalition of environmental, labour and human rights organizations has called the sinking of the carrier a ‘state-sponsored crime’.

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