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10 protesters and 1 police officer dead during protests in Iran.


Image Credit: Olivier Laban-Mattei/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images.

Protests in Iran have entered the fifth day with more then 10 people dead. In Najafabad, a police officer was killed and three others were injured during a shooting between a rioter and police officers. This marks the first casualties among the Iranian law enforcement. The protests were originally due to high living costs and poor economy, but now the regime has been the focus of the protesters. Around 400 people have been so far arrested by the Iranian police. Tear gas and water cannons were deployed in Tehran’s Enghelab Square.

Rouhani -the president of Iran- who won the election last May for the second time did not manage to improve Iran’s economy so far. This despite the nuclear deal on 2015 which relieved Iran of the sanctions imposed on it. Latest statistics have shown that unemployment in Iran has not changed from last year, but actually increased slightly to 12.6%. Rouhani had to say this about unemployment: “We have no bigger challenge than unemployment. Our economy requires major corrective surgery.”  While he admits that Iran’s economy has not improved as much as he wished since the nuclear deal, he said that Iranians had the right to protest, but he also believes that the protests have been stirred up by foreign forces interested in destabilizing Iran.

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