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Two Latin American countries that managed to keep the death toll low.

Image Credit: Matilde Campodonico/AP

Two small countries in the latin America, Uruguay and Paraguay, have managed to control the spread of the coronavirus, in spite of sharing a border with Brazil, the second worst hit country in the world.

Uruguay has the lowest poverty index from all the Latin American countries and does not share the same level of corruption as other south American countries. Unfortunately, Paraguay does not share the same progress as Uruguay, having high poverty with estimates of 30-50% of the population, and rife with corruption.

Regardless of the huge differences between these two countries, they managed to keep the death toll low. Uruguay reported 26 deaths as of 25th June, while Paraguay registered only 13.

Uruguay has started the gradual reopening of shopping malls and schools but, with compulsory face masks and social distancing. Uruguay is not taking any chances and will continue massive testing and monitoring of the population. Uruguay’s testing is so aggressive that they rank the fourth place in the world in the number of tests done per confirmed case. Uruguay has carried out around 1610 tests for every new case. This dwarfs US and UK testing, with only 52 and 21 tests per new case carried out respectively.

Paraguay managed to control the spread of the coronavirus because of good behavior by the general population, strict government measures and early action.

‘Closing the borders , social distancing and an initial lockdown phase were successful when we analyse the data’, Dr. Antonio Arbo said.

This pandemic has managed to overwhelm the biggest and richest nations on Earth, but these 2 tiny countries have shown how to effectively control the virus.



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