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British armed forces move east close to China

British Troops

Image Credit: Getty Images

Britian’s military chiefs are attempting to counter China’s expansionist ideas, and moving troops to the east to aid close allies of UK. This will be one of the strategies UK will use to counter China.

Defence secretary Ben Wallace, after a meeting with the ministers in the Tower of London, said that the post covid world will see increased

‘Economic crisis, conflict and competition’ , ‘The threats we face come in many forms across many continents.’

Despite the current threats around the world, from ISIS in the Middle East to Iranian threats of seizing ships in the Gulf , and Russian forces movements in North Atlantic, British military chiefs concluded that the risks posed by China needs the most attention. China’s new security law in Hong Kong -where people have already been arrested for simply protesting peacefully- to the threats it poses in the South China sea, which it considers as its own territory, seem to show that they are not afraid of confrontation. China imposed the law on every Chinese non-citizen in the world, when it said they will be subjected to the law, when they land in China or Hong Kong after July 1st.

A conservative MP, Tobia Ellwood, also chair of the House of Commons Defence select committee, said

‘We need to work out how we will deal with a China that economically, technically, and militarily is going to surpass the US within our lifetimes’.

The UK already has plans to reduce its industrial dependence on China, a project called ‘Project Defend’. Other plans in place will be to focus on technology and cyber security. It is believed by UK experts that a different type of conflict that involves cyber attacks is more possible than an armed confrontation.

A few hundred UK commandos are expected to be deployed East of Suez, along with naval personnel based on ships, who can deploy rapidly when required.


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