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Slovenia will track coronavirus patients with a tracking application

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On Thursday, Slovenia approved the use of a coronavirus contact tracking application that will aid in decreasing the spread of the virus. The parliament approved its use by 50 votes against 23. The tracking application will be obligatory for those that are positive for the virus or else quarantined.

This is vital as recently Slovenia, had an increase in new cases. So far, Slovenia had a total of 1,776 cases and 111 deaths. On Wednesday, 13 new cases were reported. On Thursday, the number of people that can gather outside was reduced from 50 to 10.

Before the voting started, Labour Minister Janez Cigler Kralj explained to the parliament, ‘The installation and use of the mobile application will be voluntary and free, except in cases where a person tests positive or is ordered to stay in obligatory quarantine.’

Slovenian opposition parties criticized the obligatory use of the application as a breach to the personal data protection rights, and that it might give the false impression that people are safe. Adding to this, the opposition party said that it will ask the court to check whether this obligatory use of the application, does not go against the constitution.

The application will be introduced very soon.

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