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Bolivian president, Jeanine Anez, positive for the virus.

Image Credit: David Mercado/Reuters

The Bolivian president is the second Latin American leader to test positive this week, after Bolsonaro announced his infection on Tuesday. The rapid spread of the virus among several prominent people, is a sign that Latin America is the new epicentre of the outbreak.

The President will work remotely in self-isolation for 14 days. This still poses a problem in Bolivia, as Ms. Anez is a caretaker leader. So far, she has not chosen a deputy that could take over her role, if she becomes ill.

The caretaker leader assumed her role last November, after the ousting of the previous leader, Evo Morales. The previous leader attempted to win his fourth term last November, but chaos in the country, forced him into exile. Ms.Anez than became a caretaker leader, until the next election on September. The caretaker president seeks to secure a first term as president of Bolivia.

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