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UK death toll reaches 44,602 after 85 new fatalities while Scotland starts phase 3.

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The UK death has increased by 85 over the past 24 hours. This puts the death toll at 44,602. This is a signifcant increase over the previous day, when there were only 22 deaths. The total number of cases in the UK now stands at 287,621. Regardless of this, indoor gyms are set open from next week with social distancing rules. Swimming pools, casinos, bowling alleys and beauty salons might open soon too.

Also, The UK wants to start testing all individuals in high risk jobs even if they show no symptoms at all. The jobs that were considered as high risk includes, shop workers, cleaners and taxi drivers.

Meanwhile, Scotland has entered phase 3 of its lockdown. This comes after no new deaths the previous day. Not all restrictions will be removed immediately, but people will be allowed to go to bars, restaurants and hairdressers soon. The First minister Nicola Sturgeon said that the 2 metre rule on the buses will be relaxed, as well as in other shops.

Ms. Sturgeon said that Scotland made, ‘major progress in tackling COVID-19’. She added that, ‘It is because of that action we can move into phase 3.’ ‘Today marks the most significant milestone yet in Scotland’s emergence from lockdown.’

She also said,’ Measure announed today are, of course, dependent on us keeping the virus under control and we will not hesitate to re-impose restrictions if we consider it necessary to halt the spread of the virus and save lives.’

‘During phase three we will start to resume and reopen many activities and settings such as opening indoor pubs and restaurants, allowing more indoor meetings between households, and reopening places of worship.’

‘Eliminating the virus as far as possible now – ahead of the almost inevitable challenges we will face come winter -remains our objective.’

‘The five principles behind our FACTS campaign -face coverings; avoiding crowded spaces; cleaning hands and surfaces; two metre distancing and self isolation if you have symptoms – are more important than they have ever been.’

The changes will come into effect on 10th July and this means on this day, up to 15 people from 5 different houses may meet together outdoors, while at the same time maintaining social distancing rules. Also, 8 people from 3 different houses may meet indoors and spend the night.

On the 13th of July, contact sports and outdoor play will be reopened for people aged 18 or less. Non-essential shops will also open on this day.

On July 15th, cafes, pubs and indoor restaurants may open, as well as holiday accommodations, childcare centers, hairdressers, barbers,cinemas, libraries and museums.

On July 22nd, nail salons and beauticians may reopen, as well as colleges and Universities.

The lockdown restrictions will be reviewed again on 30th July.

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