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Significant rise in new cases in Italy

Image Credit: ANSA

Italy reported 276 new cases over the past 24 hours, a slight increase from the previous day, when 229 cases were reported. Around 135 cases reported on Friday were from the Lombardy region which is hardest hit region in Italy, since the pandemic began. There were 53 in Emilia-Romagna and 23 cases in Lazio. Four regions reported no new cases. These were: Sicily, Molise, Basilicata and Valle D’Aosta.

Over the past 24 hours there were 12 deaths, same as Thursday. The total number of deaths is now 34,938, while the total number of cases now stands at 242,639.

In recent weeks, the spread of the virus started to decrease, prompting Italian officials to plan the reopening of the country, but the fears of a second wave made the officials reevaluate some plans. On Friday, Italy banned entry to people coming from 13 countries that are considered as high risk. This list of countries includes, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Bahrain. Italian residents that return back to Italy from these 13 high risk countries, are being asked to do self- isolation for 2 weeks.


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