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Hundreds of protestors attempted to enter Serbian Parliament.

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On Friday, hundreds of demonstrators were defying orders not to mass gather. Protestors were seen throwing rocs, bottles and flares. They attempted to storm the parliament, but police quickly fired tear gas to disperse them.

Yesterday, marks the fourth night in a row of protests against the Serbian’s President Aleksander Vucic for trying to reimpose lockdown restrictions

There were reports that reporters were being beaten up by protestors. There are also reports that the chaos is being caused by far-right protestors working for the government, to discredit the protests as peaceful.

The president said that he is not afraid to lose power, but he is afraid of the spread of the virus.

‘It is so irresponsible to call upon people to gather and demonstrate when we are faced with the most horrific numbers of infections from the coronavirus.’

‘I beg people, please let’s keep our health safe. Nobody is going to take power by force. Power is taken at the elections. You can protest as much as you want when the epidemic is over.’

Serbia managed to control the spread of the virus in the past few months, but cases are now surging.

The Prime Minister announced that there were 18 deaths on Friday, the highest daily number since the pandemic began. Around 386 new cases were confirmed.

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