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US reports more than 70,000 new cases.

Image Credit: Reuters/Steve Marcus

On Friday, US reported more than 70,000 new cases reaching a new daily record. The US is showing no signs that it had reached the peak yet, reaching new daily records nearly every day.

The new surge in cases was due to a surge in some states, including Florida, California and Texas.

California reported 7,798 new cases. Officials are considering releasing around 8000 prisoners from a prison contaminated with the virus.

In South Florida, there are reports, that there are no intensive care beds available for anyone that might need one. In Houston, hospitals are not accepting patients in the emergency room.

Georgia reported 4,484 cases on Friday.

The total number of cases in the United States now stands at 3,292,681, and 136,716 deaths, making it the worst hit country in the world.

Dr. William Haseltine a former professor at Harvard Medical School said, ‘All people who study these viruses think that the summer is the quiet time. Think about that. This is the quiet time for coronavirus.’

He added,’If this is the quiet time, I hate to think what winter is going to be like this year.’

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