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Greece to consider a second lockdown after a surge in cases.


A new surge in cases in Greece has prompted Greek officials to reconsider introducing some lockdown measures. Greece opened its borders on 15th June, and some flights on 1st July. It is set to receive the first British tourists on the 15th of July, but due to a rise in cases, some of which were imported, Greece is rethinking its strategy to combat the virus.

On Friday, there were 60 positive cases, the highest daily number of cases since April 21st. Around 100 cases in the last 10 days were tourists.

On Sunday, Greece reported 31 new cases. There were 7 imported cases, of these, 4 were detected at the entrance gates.

Stelios Petsas, a government spokesman, said, ‘We knew from the beginning that when we gradually opened the country’s gates to the world, we would have imported incidents.’

Mr.Petsas also said that he is, ‘determined to protect the majority from the frivolous few.’

The strict lockdown measures may mean, tougher border checks, inspections at bars and restaurants and reintroducing travel restrictions to countries with higher number of cases.

As from July 14th, any Bulgarians wanting to cross the border to Greece, must provide proof, that in the past 72 hours, they are negative for the virus. This regulation was put in place, after Bulgaria reported a daily new record of 330 cases on Thursday.

The total number of cases in Greece is 3,083. The number of deaths since the pandemic began is 193.

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