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Germany held trilateral meeting with Greek and Turkish officials

Image Credit: AP

On Tuesday, Germany held an urgent meeting in an attempt to de-escalate the tension between Turkey and Greece, over the current oil and gas exploration in the Aegean sea, and the recent decision to convert Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

Greece and Turkey have disputes over some islands in the Aegean sea and around Cyprus. The political tension between the two countries escalated when Turkey began drilling for oil off the coast of Cyprus. Greece is claiming to have rights to areas where Turkey is drilling.

For this reason, Greece asked the European Union to plan economic sanctions on Turkey, in an attempt to cripple the Turkish economy.

Germany invited Turkish President Erdogan’s advisor Ibrahim Kalin to meet Merkel’s foreign policy advisor Jan Hecker and Eleni Sourani, a European Affairs expert.

Germany wants the lines of communication between Greece and Turkey to remain open, especially now during these times.


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