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Panama doctors protest the surge in new cases.

Image Credit: Rodrigo Arangua/AFP

Doctors in Panama protested the surge in cases, without enough personal protective equipment and personnel. On Thursday, the number of coronavirus cases in Panama surpassed 50,000.

Around 50 doctors protested in front of the Panama’s main medical center, located in Panama city. The doctors held signs reading, ‘I am a doctor, not a martyr.’ Other signs read, ‘Take care of us to take care of them.’ ‘We also get sick, but still we are here.’

Resident doctor, Elsa Rueda, said that ‘Unfortunately, we still do not have the staff that has been said would be hired, and we are tired from four months of continuous work. ‘Rueda also said that during night shifts there are only one or two doctors for every 70 patients.

A doctor infected by the virus, David Macias said, ‘The staff is getting infected, is getting sick and has to stay at home.’ He added, ‘That increase the gap between the number of patients and the number of staff.’

The Panamanian President, Laurentino Cortizo said, ‘The tragedy we are living cannot be nuanced; the impact of the pain suffered by Panamanian families cannot be softened.’ ‘A thousand deaths is not just a statistic.’ The President also announced that he is working for the acquisition of medical equipment and recruitment of more medical staff.

As of Friday, the total number of cases is 50,373 with 1000 deaths.

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