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Campania, Italy imposes €1000 fines for those not wearing masks.

Image Credit: Ivan Romano/ Getty Images

In the Italian region of Salerno, the first three fines were issued on Saturday. The €1,000 fines were given to three businesses, which include a hairdresser and a bar.

The businesses were fined after they were caught not following the new law of wearing masks in enclosed spaces. This means it must be worn in any building, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, shops and public transport.The Campania Governor Vincenzo De Luca, said that, ‘If our fellow citizens think that the problem is resolved, that means that within a few weeks we will return to a grave emergency.’He continued by saying that, ‘We knew that there would be an increase in contamination, it was widely expected.

‘The new regulations stipulate that anyone not wearing a mask must be denied from accessing transport vehicles.If they happen to be onboard, they will be asked to ‘disembark immediately or as soon as possible.’ If they refuse to leave the transport vehicle, police will be requested to deal with the situation.

Apart from the €1000 fine, businesses may also face an additional penalty, which would most likely be closure of the premises from 5 to 30 days.As of today, Italy had a total of 246,118 cases and 35,107 deaths.


  1. They weren’t fooling around, were they? Britain’s doing this insane thing where masks are required in some enclosed spaces but not others. As if the virus knew the difference between a shop and an office.

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