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Vietnam evacuating 80,000 people from Da Nang, after confirming 3 positive cases.

Image Credit: Kham/ Reuters

Vietnam closed the city of Da Nang to all tourists, after 3 positive cases were confirmed. These are the first cases in months, alarming Vietnamese authorities of a potential outbreak, if not contained immediately.

Vietnam has been considered a success story in its fight against coronavirus, after it closed its borders very early on, and imposed strict quarantine and contact tracing.

In response to these new cases, the authorities immediately announced that 80,000 domestic tourists will be evacuated from the city of Da Nang to 11 Vietnamese cities. The country is still closed for foreign tourists. It is estimated that the evacuation will take around four days with domestic airlines operating more than 100 flights daily.

All domestic tourists will have to quarantine for 14 days, and the capital Hanoi has urged everyone to wear a mask. Authorities have banned traveling for 14 days, and non- essential business were forced to close. Gatherings of more than 30 people were also banned.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Nguyen Xuan Phuc has urged strict contract tracing and widespread testing in Danang. He also announced that strict punishment will be imposed on people who enter the country illegally, especially in Da Nang.

As of today, Vietnam reported a total of 420 cases and no deaths.

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