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18 people killed in India plane crash

Image Credit: Favas Jalla/AFP/Getty Images

On Friday, 18 passengers, including two pilots have lost their lives, when the plane skidded on the runway amidst heavy rains in Southern Kozhikode in Kerala.

Some 127 people have been injured and currently being treated at the hospital. An investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the accident.

The Air India Express flight was coming from Dubai and it was carrying Indian passengers that were stranded abroad, amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Ministry of Civil Aviation said that 190 passengers were onboard including 10 infants.

One senior emergency official said ‘Fuel had leaked out so it was a miracle that the plane did not catch fire the toll could have been much higher.’

Kozhikode’s airport has been long criticized for the artificially raised plateau for the runway, and deep gorges on the sides that results in a 34 metre drop. The plane overshot the runway and ended up in a valley and crashed into a brick wall. Half of the plane was smashed. The plane’s fuselage was reportedly smashed into two as it fell into the valley which is 10 metres deep.

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