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Germany reports a new record of cases since April.

Image Credit: Martin Meissner/AP

With the number of coronavirus increasing worldwide, the number of cases continued to increase at an alarming rate. Germany has reported a new record, one that was achieved on April, during the peak of the pandemic.

The resumption of flights, parties, mass gatherings and the lack of some people to follow basic social distancing rules and mask wearing, it is no surprise that we are in this situation.

Over the past 24 hours,Germany reported 1,707 new cases bring the total number of cases to 228,621. Ten people died bringing the death toll to 9,253.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), a public health agency that compiles the COVID-19 numbers in Germany said that they are very concerned of the trend increase.

‘This development is very concerning and increasing in dynamic. A further worsening of the situation must be avoided.’

Angela Merkel blamed increased mobility and contacts for the increase in positive cases. Germany’s GDP decreased by 10.1% in the second quarter when compared to the first quarter. Germany considers it the largest contraction ever recorded. In contrast the EU, is expecting the Euro area to contract by 8.7% in 2020.

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