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Russian submarine surfaces near Alaska

Image Credit: Dmitry Yefremov/ TASS

On Thursday, during a Russian war exercise, a Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine surfaced for no apparent reason, in international waters close to Alaska. The North American Aerospace Defense Command and US Northern Command are monitoring the submarine.

Northern Command spokesman, Bill Lewis ‘We have not received any requests for assistance from the Russian Navy or other mariners in the area. We always stand ready to assist those in distress.’

He also said ‘We closely track vessels of interest, including foreign military naval vessels, in our area of responsibility.’

In the Bering sea, it was also reported that three warships sailed through Alaska’s fishing fleet. Several fishermen complained that Russian military aircraft contacted them to leave the area.

US confirmed that it was aware of a large Russian military exercise in the Bering Sea. The military drill was one of the largest ever since the Soviet era. Around 50 warships and 40 aircraft took part in the military exercise and it involved multiple practice missile launches.

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