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12 killed and dozens injured in a Mosque explosion in Bangladesh.

Image Credit: India Today

On Friday night, an explosion in a Mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh injured around 50 worshipers and killed 12. It is believed that the explosion was caused by the leakage of gas from a gas pipeline that runs underneath the mosque.

Firefighting department official Abdullah Al Arefin, ‘We are primarily suspecting that gas had leaked from the line and accumulated inside the mosque since the windows were shut. When the air-conditioner was turned on, due to sparks the gas might have exploded.’ Several air-conditions in the Mosque exploded, when they were turned on.

Around 38 people were immediately rushed to the hospital were it was reported that they sustained around 60-70% burns. Among those severely injured, were the mosque’s imam and the senior cleric. The DPA news agency reported that a 7 year old boy just died in the hospital, Samanta Lal Sen, among the 12 dead.

An investigation is underway to examine the nature of the blast. This is not the first time an explosion of this sort happened in the city of Dhaka. Last year, around 78 people died due to a fire in Dhaka’s old quarter. A month later, another 25 people died after a blaze engulfed a Dhaka office block.

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