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Leaked letter reveals more than 200 UN staff positive for the coronavirus in Syria.

Image Credit : AFP

More than 200 United Nations (UN) staff currently residing in Syria have been found to be positive for the coronavirus. Last week, the United Nations Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Syria, Imran Riza sent a letter to the UN head of agencies to inform them that they will soon get a medical facility to treat those infected.

‘More than two hundred cases have been reported among UN staff members, some of whom have been hospitalized and three who were medically evacuated,’ Imran Riza said in the letter.

The letter was apparently leaked by a local staff UN member who was also infected with the virus. It is believed that the number of infected is actually much higher, according to medics and humanitarian workers.

In Syria, the number of coronavirus infections is spreading at an unprecedented rate. There has been concern that due to the situation in Syria, they would not be able curb the spread of infection. Years of war has damaged the health infrastructure, and medical supplies are limited. There is a shortage of intensive care unit (ICU) beds, testing kits and ventilators.

In the past few weeks, several Syrian doctors and nurses died because of the coronavirus. So far there have been 3,171 cases and 134 deaths since the pandemic began, though many believe that the number of cases and deaths is actually far higher.

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