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Medicane hits Greece.

Image Credit: NASA Worldview/EPA

A Medicane is a Mediterranean hurricane, and it just hit Greece. This phenomena of Mediterranean hurricanes first appeared in Greece back in 1995. It tends to occur once or twice a year, but it rarely impacts the Eastern Mediterranean. A medicane has the same shape as a hurricane, with strong winds circling a center point, also referred to as the eye. This medicane has been named storm Ianos, and is moving eastwards at a speed of 117km/hr. It is expected to hit Peloponnese first, then Athens and Crete.

An Ionian islands resident said ‘Trees are falling everywhere.’ It is a complete chaos, flooded streets, power cuts and transport has been disrupted on the islands of Kefalonia, Ilthaca and Zakynthos.

Greek authorities reported no deaths or injuries so far, but there is extensive property damage. The Greek government urged all of its citizens to stay indoors, and to avoid basements due to possible floodings.

It has been reported that a boat with 55 migrants made a distress call and Greek coastguard asked other nearby ships to assist them.

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