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United States to deploy more troops in Syria in response to the vehicle accident with Russia.

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On Friday, the United States military announced that more troops will be sent to Syria to ‘counter’ the Russians. The military said that more equipment such as Bradley fighting vehicles, an advanced radar called sentinel radar, and more fighter jets to patrol US forces in Syria. The military announced that 100 more troops will join the 500 US troops currently stationed in Syria.

US Central Command spokesman, US Navy Captain Bill Urban said ‘The United States does not seek conflict with any other nation in Syria, but will defend coalition forces if necessary.’

Three weeks ago, a Russian armoured vehicle slammed into an American vehicle during a patrol. Apparently, the Russians informed the US and for some reason, this did not go through to the US forces. Both US and Russian forces were patrolling the same area, and Russian forces on the same road of US, slammed onto one US vehicle. The US armoured vehicle ended up sandwiched between two Russian armoured vehicles. US sources claim, that the reason it did not escalate was because all US vehicles left the area. Around 7 US soldiers were injured due to the collision.

Russian and US armoured vehicles are frequently having clashes in highways as tensions between the two is escalating. The vehicles and troops that will be sent to Syria are meant as a show of strength. Last year, US President Donald Trump withdrew 1000 US troops from Syria. A few months later he decided to leave some troops to guard the oil wells.

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