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Bolsonaro to undergo surgery on Friday.

Image Credit: Isac Nobrega/EFE

The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, 65, will undergo a surgery on Friday, 25th September to remove a bladder stone according to CNN Brasil. The bladder stone is thought to be bigger than the size of a bean.

On Thursday, President Bolsonaro will check in a hospital in Sao Paolo in preparation for the surgery on Friday. The procedure was described as simple, but the President will remain hospitalized until Saturday or Sunday, according to Leandro Echenique, which forms part of the medical team that will treat Bolsonaro. He further added that ‘It is something much simpler and more common than other surgeries.’

Bolsonaro previously mentioned that he had a kidney stone in late August, but later on he said that it was a bladder stone. On September 1st the President said ‘I have had it more than five years. It’s in the bladder, bigger than a bean. I resolved to take it out, as it is probably hurting the inside of the bladder.’

Another doctor that is part of the medical team, Antonio Macedo, said that this surgery has nothing to do with the stabbing back in 2018, when Bolsonaro was stabbed by a random stranger during his campaign for election. Mr. Macedo said that still they must be cautious during surgery, due to other previous surgeries because of the stabbing, ‘His stomach is very difficult to open, to take out the intestine and other organs because of multiple surgeries. It’s something simple that is a bit more difficult because of his history, but he did a checkup with us last month and his health is perfect.’

Bolsonaro has also recently recovered from COVID-19. The President was very critical of the pandemic and had considered it once as a ‘little flu’. Brazil managed to secure millions of doses from Russia and China recently in an effort to immunize the population against the virus. Also, recently a Brazilian company in Sao Paolo discovered a type of plastic which kills COVID-19 in under 2 minutes. Read more about these stories in the following links:

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