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Fuel tank explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.

Image Credit: AP/Bilal Hussein

Three months after the double explosion that killed hundreds in Beirut and destroyed the port, on Friday evening another explosion occurred in the city of Beirut. The explosion struck a bakery in a densely populated area of Beirut. The Lebanese Red Cross revealed that four people died, while several more were injured. The explosion was apparently caused by a fuel tank that ignited and exploded.

Several people were treated for smoke inhalation. The army closed the site of the explosion, and evacuated citizens that were trapped in the upper floors of the building. The firefighters managed to bring the fire under control. Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Saad Hariri offered his condolences to all those people that were affected from the explosion.

I am in contact with all the competent security authorities to find out the causes of the explosion and follow up on the health conditions of the wounded and injured.

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri

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