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The Italian government to announce new restrictions to curb the surge in cases.

Image Credit: AFP

By Monday, the Italian government is expected to announce new measures aimed to curb the spread of the virus, as new cases continues to rise. The decision was taken on Saturday, when the Italian governors met to discuss on measures to stop the surge in new cases.

The Italian Prime Minister will announce the new measures on Sunday, at a press conference. The head of the North-Western region of Liguria, Giovanni Toti said that a French style of measures, which includes night curfew, and closure of bars and restaurants, have been ruled out. A lock-down has also be ruled out by the Italian Prime Minister.

On Friday, Italy reported 10,010 cases, the highest daily number since the pandemic began. The following day the number of cases rose to 10,925 cases, and 67 patients were transferred to intensive care unit. As of Saturday, there were 6,617 COVID-19 patients hospitalized.

Italian officials and doctors are fearing that the healthcare system could collapse, if the number of cases continue to rise at the current rate. In ten regions of Italy, the number of COVID-19 patients occupying beds in hospitals is approaching a government set limit of 30%.

Italy was the first and worst hit in Europe in the beginning of the pandemic, where the healthcare system collapsed. Italy managed to get the pandemic under control by Summer, thanks to the 2-month lock-down. The number of cases started to increase back again in August, where the cases continued to increase every day.

As of Sunday, Italy reported a total of 402,536 cases and 36,474 deaths since the pandemic began.

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