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Germany reports a new daily record of cases.

Image Credit: Robert Utrecht/picture-alliance

On Thursday, Germany reported 11,200 new cases, a new daily record of cases since the pandemic began. It is a sharp jump over the previous day when 7,830 cases were reported. Thirty people died on Thursday.

Germany, like other European countries have been experiencing a surge in cases for several weeks. This prompted German authorities to increase coronavirus measures such as a ban of large gatherings. In Berlin, individuals are forced to wear a mask even outside. A press conference is expected on Thursday.

Robert Koch Institute (RKI) chief, Lothan Wieler blamed the surge in cases on private gatherings:

The more people gather in private circles, the more the numbers will increase and the further the virus will spread.

As of Thursday, Germany reported a total number of 380,762 cases and 9,875 deaths.

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