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Poland records a new daily record of cases.

Image Credit: Czarek Sokolowski/AP

Polish health authority reported 10,040 cases and 130 deaths on Wednesday. The rate of infection has doubled in less than 3 weeks, and has soared above the 10,000 cases, which is the maximum number the Polish health system can deal with.

The new daily record of 10,040 cases has prompted government officials to hold an emergency session on Wednesday morning, to discuss on new measures to curb the spread of the virus. The emergency meeting which was originally scheduled on Tuesday, had to be moved forward a day, after the opposition requested it, to analyze a draft bill proposed by the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS).

Cezary Tomczyk, which is the leader of the largest opposition party, Civic Coalition, said,

We have prepared about forty amendments. We have found some obvious errors, including one that allows calling young female doctors the day after giving birth to work in infectious wards.

Head of Civic Coalition, Cezary Tomczyk.

The ruling party has demanded quick action, as the number of cases are increasing, and the health care system is approaching full capacity. Currently, there are 9,439 hospital beds occupied by COVID-19 patients out of a capacity of 17,000 beds. Yesterday, there were 8,962 hospital beds occupied by COVID-19 patients. The number of COVID-19 patients using the ventilator was 757 today, up from 725 the day before.

Poland has built temporary hospitals, in response to an increase in the daily number of cases. If the number of cases start to go down, there would be no need for these temporary hospitals according to government COVID-19 advisor Andrzej Horban. Currently, the government is transforming their National Stadium in the city of Warsaw into a temporary hospital, which is expected to be operational in the next few days.

As of Wednesday, the total number of cases reported by Poland since the pandemic began is 202,579 and 3,851 deaths.

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