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Explosion at a steel factory in Malaysia.

Image Credit: Free Malaysia Today

On Tuesday at 4.28pm , an explosion struck a steel factory in the Perai Industrial Park in Penang. A section of the Ann Joo Steel factory seem to have exploded injuring six workers. A large plume of smoke was visible from Penang island.

A team of 15 firemen were deployed to the scene, soon after the explosion. The fire that ensued was extinguished in 15 minutes. The Perai Fire and Rescue Department Operations Chief, Azrul Khairi Abu Bakar said,

Upon arriving at the scene, the firefighters found that the incident occurred at the smelting furnace in a three-storey building and 30 per cent of the section was damaged.

Azrul Khairi Abu Bakar

The explosion occurred in the three-storey smelting section where a 1,000 degrees Celsius furnace was located. Around 30% of the section was damaged. Mr. Bakar also said that the firefighters were cooling down the smelted steel, and that the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. Mr. Bakar said that four of the six workers had minor injuries, while the other two sustained 30 per cent burns. The injured were sent to the hospital and are currently in stable condition.

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