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Iran sends troops and heavy equipment to the Azerbaijan-Iran border.

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Local residents in Iran witnessed troop movements and heavy equipment of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) heading in the direction of the Azerbaijani-Iranian border.

Witnesses saw up to 30 T-72 trucks being delivered to the border which Iran shares with the Karabakh region. It has been reported that near the border, Iran already has up to 40 tanks. Recently, Azerbaijan announced that it liberated a city that was located near the Azerbaijan-Iran border, and was causing inconvenience to Iran due to a misfire of more than 70 missiles into the Iranian border. Witness also saw a convoy of BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, Tor Mk1, a surface to air missile system.

Iran has now up to 70 tanks and 30 hotwizers in the Northern border. The tanks are located in the Khoda Afarin and Jolfa regions. Iran is preparing for any possible large-scale conflict, and it has warned both Armenia and Azerbaijan over the misfire of their missiles into the Iranian border.

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