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Russian soldier kills three colleagues at a Russian airbase.

Image Credit: Kirill Kukhmar/TASS

Reports came in of a shooting inside the Russian airbase, Baltimore military airfield (Voronezh Malshevo) located near the city of Voronezh. The shooting was carried out by one soldier. The soldier had an argument with an officer during an inspection, when than the soldier stole the gun from an officer, after he killed him with an axe. He than shot dead two soldiers. The shooting took place at 5am local time. It is the second shooting at this military base this year.

After the shooting, the soldier barricaded himself in the base. No names of the victims were released yet, but it is known that one was an officer, and the two others were enlisted soldiers.

Following a massive manhunt involving more than 100 members of the national guard and drones, the soldier was captured and arrested. The 20 year-old soldier identified as Anton Makarov, was interrogated.

According to rights activists, Makorov was a principled man, and that he was subjected to harassment on a continous basis. Russia’s army has a huge problem with hazing in general. It is known that servicemen at the base were beaten up often, and asked to pay up money. According to Vladimir Osechkin, founder of the anti-torture project, Makorov was also beaten twice by his superiors over the past two weeks.

In the eyes of his superiors, he did not respect them.

Vladimir Osechkin.

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