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Iran unveils a new warship that mimics an aircraft carrier.

Image Credit: AFP

On Thursday, the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard launched a new warship capable of carrying a helicopter,drones, four small fast boats, a surface-to-surface missile system, and a surface-to-air missile system. It is also equipped with a 23mm anti-aircraft gun. The ship, Abdollah Roudaki, was named after the slain naval commander.

The ship used to be a cargo ship. Iran attempted to mimic an aircraft carrier, and with this new ship, they have the capability to expand their military reach. The ship weighs 12,000 tons, has a length of 150 metres and has no runway. It is small and most likely insignificant compared to a US aircraft carrier like the USS Nimitz, which has a length of 332metres, weighs 101,600 tons, has a runway and can carry around 80-90 aircraft. Still, it poses a threat to the US army, and will help Iran to boost its effort to move beyond the waters of the Gulf, as the commander of the Revolutionary Guard, Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri suggested. He in fact said:

Presence and assignments in the Indian Ocean is our right.

Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri.

It is believed that this ship is an answer to the repeated passage of US navy in the Gulf region by its Bahrain- based fifth fleet. IRGC new ship will most likely be sent to the Indian Sea, and some believe even the Mediterranean. Time will tell us, how effective this ship is. This warship seems alot like a floating vessel with heavy weapons.

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