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Two separate suicide bombings kills 34 people in Afghanistan.

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It has been reported that two separate suicide bombings killed 34 people. The targets were a military base and a provincial chief.

In Eastern Ghazi province, 31 soldiers lost their lives after a suicide bomber drove his vehicle full of explosives into a military base and detonating it. The Afghani Interior Minister Tariq Arian confirmed the attack.

In the other attack, the terrorists targeted a convoy of vehicles of the provincial council chief Attajan Haqbayat in Southern Afghanistan. The Chief survived the attack with only minor injuries. Three people lost their lives, which includes the Chief’s bodyguard and children.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility, and when the Taliban were contacted about the attack on the military base, they did not confirm or deny responsibility. Afghanistan authorities are currently in peace talks with the Taliban to end the decades-long war.

Recently, Afghanistan was targeted by several car bombings and other attacks which took the lives of 50 people in the last two weeks. There were three attacks in Kabul, all of which were blamed on the Taliban, but were claimed by ISIS. This comes at a delicate period, when the United States are withdrawing their troops from ten bases in Afghanistan, leaving heavy equipment exposed for terrorist groups to steal. Afghanistan will be more exposed to attacks, by ISIS and Taliban (if peace talks fail).

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