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Several Saudi soldiers were killed according to Houthis.

Image Credit: TheNewArab

Houthi fighters from Yemen have claimed that eight Saudi Arabian soldiers were killed and several others injured.

The military spokesman for the militant group, Yahya Saree, said that they launched an attack on a Saudi military base late on Sunday. Nothing has been reported by Saudi Arabia regarding the attack, except that a lieutenant colonel died, without saying how he died and why.

Yemen has been in a state of war since 2014 when the Houthi militant group captured the capital city, forcing the President and Prime Minister to resign and flee to Saudi Arabia. The President was initially detained in his residence in Sana’a. After a month, he managed to escape to Saudi Arabia. During his transit to Saudi Arabia, he stopped in South Yemen where he did a televised address and claimed that the Houthi government is illegitimate. The Houthi group managed to capture most of the country. Saudi Arabia soon afterwards the arrival of the President started launching airstrikes in Yemen which continues till this day.

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