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Hungary reports 6,268 new cases.

Image Credit: Europost

On Saturday, Hungarian authorities reported 6,268 new cases and 152 deaths over a 24-hour period. Hungary experienced the second wave along with other European countries. This prompted Hungarian authorities to do a partial lock-down a few weeks ago for two weeks. The country has introduced several measures to curb the spread of the virus, and even though the number of new cases is in a downward trend, the number of patients hospitalized set a new record.

The number of infected does not yet include the results of the large-scale testing conducted in schools and kindergartens, the results of which are expected at the beginning of next week.

Hungarian Health Authority.

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, a far right leader known for his anti-immigration policies, said that the government will soon decide in the coming days, on what rules to be followed in Christmas and New Year.

Hungary has kept its curfew from 8pm -5am and its mandatory use of masks, and online education for both secondary schools and Universities remained in place.

There are over 7,500 hospitalized, 656 of which are using ventilators. Hungary is exploring the use of Russia’s coronavirus vaccine, a move criticized by European Union. The EU warned Hungary about the use of Russian’s SputnikV vaccine due to safety concerns. Regardless of this, Hungary went on testing the vaccine, a move that might potentially cause problems with the EU. European Union Law requires for the Russian vaccine to be authorized by the European Medicines Agency, before being used by any of the 27 countries in the EU.

As of Saturday, Hungary reported 204,708 cases and 4,516 deaths since the pandemic began.

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