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Taiwan will introduce strict military reforms as from next month.

Image Credit: CNA photo

As from next month Taiwan military will undergo a strict military reform in an attempt to improve its high-quality fighting force. This was announced on Sunday by the Ministry of National Defense (MND). The new regulations were issued in October, but will come into effect next month.

The new regulations which are considered to be the strictest ever since inception of Taiwanese military, will eliminate low quality soldiers and increase discipline in the army, amid increasing tensions with China, where a mistake of any sort when confronting China, could be costly. China is constantly violating Taiwan’s sovereignty, both by air and sea. The constant incursions in Taiwan’s territory is a constant reminder of China’s belief that Taiwan is their territory, and that an invasion of Taiwan could be a possibility.

CNA reported that one regulation specifies that any personnel that do not manage to get a grade ‘C’ or higher in their evaluation, will be discharged. Also, the discharge process has been shortened from 38 to seven days. Another regulation in place, will discharge any personnel that commits two major mistakes. It is still unknown what constitutes a major mistake. All of the soldiers must obey the new regulations or face discipline action.

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