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Car bomb explodes near a Russian base in Syria.

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A Russian base has been targeted by a car bomb in town of Tal al-Samen, Raqa province, Northeast Syria. The detonation occurred Friday, and is considered to be the first jihadist attack on a Russian base in Syria.

It’s the first such direct attack against a Russian base in northeastern Syria.

Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Two men parked a car full of explosives near the Russian base of Tal al-Samen, and ran away before detonation. Russia did not immediately report the attack, and it is believed that there are several injured, which occured shortly after midnight. No casaulties have been reported so far.

The jihadist group, Hurras al-Din, which is affiliated with Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack. The area is mostly under Kurdish control but Russian forces and the Syria regime’s forces are also present.

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