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Multiple explosions in a fuel warehouse in Lebanon, close to the Syrian border.

Image Credit:  Natsecjeff /Twitter

Last Sunday night , an explosion ripped through a fuel warehouse in Al-Qasr in the Northern Bekaa district of Hermel injuring 10 people. This was announced by George Kettaneh, secretary general of the Lebanese Red Cross.

We have responded to an explosion in a warehouse that stores gas canisters. We have responded with three teams. Ten people have been wounded and transported to nearby hospitals.

Red Cross

Al-Qasr is close to the Syrian border, and the fuel warehouse was located close to a Lebanese Army border checkpoint. Lebanese-American reporter Firas Maksad which shared a 5 second video of the explosion tweeted,

Big fireball as explosion rocks #Lebanon #Syria border tonight.

Firas Maksad, Twitter.

It is believed to be a gas explosion, but an investigation has been launched to determine the exact cause. A lot of illegal border crossings into Syria occur in the region of Hermel. Smuggling is believed to occur both ways, but it increased since the beginning of the Syrian war in 2011. Last August, the capital of Lebanon, Beirut experienced a huge explosion after a huge stockpile of fertilizer caught fire. The resulting explosion was estimated to be equivalent to 300-400 tonnes of high explosives. Read more about the August explosion here:

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